Friday, July 15, 2011

Urban Decay 15 Year Anniversary Eyeshadow Collection

   Hi Everyone!!!

  So UPS delivered my palette today and Im so happy it arrived so fast.

So first impressions were it was very cute, BUT I honestly have to say I thought it
was going to be a lot bigger. I honestly think its kind of small. But oh well lol...

Im going to say I swatched them dry and honestly the color payoff wasnt that great
at all. Surprisingly the last row (darker shades) were the most pigmented out of the
3 groups (neutrals,brights,darks), with neutrals being second and the brights being
the worst. The worst color of the bunch I sadly will say was "Junkshow" and "Deeper"
was the best color payoff. Of course these opinions were based on one swap and
them being dry. BUT I will make another post with them swatched over different
bases so stay tuned for that =)

Neutrals Row:
Midnight Rodeo,Midnight 15,Vanilla,Flow, Chase

                                                 Color Row:
Chase (neutral color from previous row),Tainted,Junkshow,Omen,Evidence,Deep End
                                                       Dark Row:
           Deeper,M.I.A,Ace,Blackout,Half Truth
                    All The Colors

Available at
Retails : $55.00 US Dollars


  1. They all seem to be really light :/ Maybe they will look better when wet? :/

  2. I really hope so lol... cuz the swatches alone are pretty crummy lol...

  3. i saw these on youtube and a makeup guru had swatched them, but i think she swatched them over a base and they were really really good!!!

  4. yea im def gonna have to try that!! because dry there not impressive at all

  5. Nice post! I think better font that's more readable and perhaps bigger pictures would help make your blog even better! <3