Wednesday, July 27, 2011

MAC Semi-Precious Colletion

  So I wasnt too excited about this collection since I sadly am allergic to MACs eyeshadows but I just couldnt pass up these 4 items. I havent used them yet but Im hoping that they will work ok for me.  I
bought one mineralize skinfinish and three os the eyeshadows.

  Semi-Precious Pink Quartz MSF

 Golden Gaze

 Smoked Ruby
 Jade's Fortune

  Heres swatches of the MSF first two are the outer and inner shade individually then the last is the two mixed together.

 Smoked Ruby, Golden Gaze, Jade's Fortune

Available at
MSF Retails: $28.00 Each
Eyeshadow Retails: $20.00 Each

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