Friday, August 28, 2015

Hella Holo Customs & August Makers

Hi Everybody, & Happy Friday!!!
So today I will be talking about this fabulous Facebook group called *Hella Holo Customs*
an idea between friends started a few months ago has blossomed into
something spectacular.
Were a group where we have two indie makers make custom polishes just for us members
each month. They usually make us two polishes which are all voted on by its
members! From color, to name its all done through members choices.
Weve had some fabulous shades up to now and worked with some
fabulous makers.
I currently am a swatcher/adviser for the group which
consists of us. 3 Admins & 3 Swatchers/Advisers.
Plmk if any of you would like to join and Ill gladly add you guys!!
For the month of August we have had the privilege to work with
Smitten Polish (whom I love and run a fan group for)
Ever After Polish (who is becoming a fast favorite)
Theres is 3 days left to order the August shades!
And part of the money made is even going to charity which is Awesome!!
Below are some swatches of this months shades!
Besides polish Ever After even created some
bath products!!!
Up first is this delicious perfect berry holo!
Name: Kenyan Sunset
By: Smitten Polish

Up Next is the fabulous orange holo.
Named: Bengal Tiger
By: Smitten Polish

Next this gorgeous gold microglitter holo.
Named: Cecil The Lion
By: Smitten Polish

Up next is this gorgeous medium yet light blue holo.
Named: Yum Yum
By: Ever After Polish

And last but not least this yummy medium pink holo.
Named: Tutti Fruitti
By: Ever After Polish

You have 3 days left to buy these gorgeous shades!!!
Run don't walk!!
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Saturday, August 15, 2015

SV by Sparkly Vernis Swatches

So I'm going to start off this blog with some polishes from
my friend at SV by Sparkly Vernis shes such a sweet gal
and I love her bunches. She released her first collection this
January and shes made nothing short of gorgeous colors.
Below I'm gonna share 5 random polishes I have from her brand =)
Ok so first off is this gorgeous berry holographic named Hallowitch.
Its just dreamy, this is a me shade to the fullest, two coats with no top coat.

This next shade is a fun shimmery, microglitter holographic.
Its named Hello Cutie.
This is two coats two with no top coat.

This next lovely blue holographic is part of a duo for its named Laguna Twilight.
Two coats no top coat.

This next creamy pink is called Girly Mani and that's
pretty much what it is, the perfect color for the
girly girl.
Two coats no top coat.

Last but not least is the second half of the duo
this shade is called Sunset Sangria.
Its a gorgeous marsala holographic.
Two coats no top coat.

There was just a restock of some new frankies yesterday.
Please go buy some of these luscious shades.
US shipping is always free too!!
All pictures taking outside in afternoon sun!!
Have a wonderful weekend!!
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Im back....

I don't even know how long ive been gone a good while.
 Normal excuse life getting in the way. But I'm excited
to be back again! I'm still addicted with makeup and
what not but my new love is nail polish, indie polish to be exact
so if you like nails and nail polish you will love this blog!!!
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