Saturday, July 30, 2011

Inglot Gel Liners & A Lippie

Helol Everyone!!
Hope yall are having a great weekend so far!!

Today I bring you all some pictures of my Inglot Gel Liners I own.
Sadly I dont have swatches as most are still new but I will get some up eventually =)
They last all day so I have to swatch them on a day I dont mind having them around for awhile.
The first one I purchased was the black 77 and I love it. Its just creamy and lightweight and just so dark and intense. These are easily my favorite gel liners and trust me I own many. You will soon see as I plan to take pictures of my collection soon!

Hope you enjoy the pictures anyways. At the bottom is the Inlogt lippie I own and a swatch as well :) Ill be going to the Fashion Island store soon and am excited to look at the new rainbow colors.

Talk to yall soon!!

Available at : Inglot Stores &
Gel Liners Retail: $12 Each
Lipsticks retail: $12 Each

Friday, July 29, 2011

Wet N Wild Polish Duos

Hello Everyone!
Hope you guys are doing well and had a Great week!
Yesterday I stopped by Walgreens and saw some Wet N Wild Nail Duos.
I decided to get two of the duos. I wasnt aware of their names at the time
so I just bought the ones I liked lol... They were a good deal as is since they
were 1.99 for two. So you get a nail color and then a clear one as well.
I was pretty happy with them although when I came home I noticed I owned
them already lol... but I hadnt used them yet so I decided to use them. There
both gorgeous colors. The colors in the duos came out as singles in the Spring
collection this year.
They had about 6 different duos.

 Buffy The Violet Slayer, Clear Coat
 Hannah Pinktana, Clear Coat

Available at: Walgreens
Retails: $1.99 Each

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

MAC Semi-Precious Colletion

  So I wasnt too excited about this collection since I sadly am allergic to MACs eyeshadows but I just couldnt pass up these 4 items. I havent used them yet but Im hoping that they will work ok for me.  I
bought one mineralize skinfinish and three os the eyeshadows.

  Semi-Precious Pink Quartz MSF

 Golden Gaze

 Smoked Ruby
 Jade's Fortune

  Heres swatches of the MSF first two are the outer and inner shade individually then the last is the two mixed together.

 Smoked Ruby, Golden Gaze, Jade's Fortune

Available at
MSF Retails: $28.00 Each
Eyeshadow Retails: $20.00 Each

Friday, July 22, 2011

Inglot Palettes

Hello Guys!!

Hope you all had a wonderful week and that youll have an even better weekend!!

Today i thought I would share with all of you my beautiful  Inglot palettes. These were all bought by me the newest additions being the brights one and my lippie one I got at Imats.

Hope you Enjoy!!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Forever 21 Eyeshadow Palette & Blush

Hello Again!!
Along with the nail polish I picked up these two items. They had a ton of cosmetics but sadly didnt have the smoky and neutral palette Ive read such raves about.

I did pick up this blush which is quite beautiful, its the perfect hot pink, and has awesome pigmentation.

In addition to that I picked up a palette with some really pretty colors, and they as well have great application and are silky to the touch.

 Hot Pink Blush

Teal/Black/Grey Palette

Found at Forever 21 Stores & Online
Blush Retails: $3.80
Palette Retails: $6.80