Saturday, February 24, 2018

Chaos & Crocodiles Secret Agent Part II

Hello Everyone!!

Today I am happy to be sharing 5 new polishes from the Indie brand
Chaos & Crocodiles new release.

"Secret Agents Part II"

This new collection consists of 3 different agent types.

The New Recruits:
"Eyes Only"

The Double Agents:
"Deep Cover"

The Rouge Agents:

We also have a gorgeous glitter enamel pin that will
be available for purchase.

Below are the beauties I was lucky enough to be
sent to swatch!!

First up is "Stealth" a Rouge Agent

Stealth is a squishy blue leaning purple tinted jelly
with gorgeous flakies.
I used two coats.

Next up I have "Asset" a New Recruit

Asset is a Gorgeous green with a mega holo flame.
Two coats.

Next up is "Eyes Only" a New Recruit

Eyes Only is an Amazing rich purple mega holo.
Two coats.

Then we have Stakeout  a New Recruit

Stakeout is another stunner a true rich champagne colored
mega holo.
Two coats.

Last but not least is "Infiltrate" a Double Agent

Infiltrate Id say is a shifter. This polish is
super unique. Its teal, ocean blue, a little green all
in a rich holo almost metallic finish with a gold shimmer. Its amazing!!!
Two coats.

Up next is the super adorable new glitter
enamel pin. Its a black background with silver glitter
and the word "Secret Agent" embossed in Silver with an
adorable Crocodile in the center.

Heres some bottle shots of the beauties!!

Which of all was your favorite? I personally love them all!!

And don't forget the OG Secret Agents will be making
a comeback too, as well as the Space Travelers collection!!
Below I have some swatches of ones I have!!

"Decoy" (OG Secret Agent Collection)

A rich light purple lilac mega holo.
Two coats.

"Protocol" (OG Secret Agent Collection)

A rich berry pink mega holo.
Two coats.

"Reconnaissance" (OG Secret Agent Collection)

A rich purple berry fuchsia mega holo.
Two coats.

"Security Breach" (OG Secret Agent Collection)

A rich pink red berry mega holo.
Two coats.

"Unknown Planet" (Space Travelers Collection)

Now this polish is another tricky one. Its blue
its purple, its green. Its like truly looking into space.
It has some tiny microglitter that looks like stars with bright blue flakies
that look like planets in a gorgeous rich holo.
Two coats.

Celestial Cartographer (Space Travelers Collection)

A strong metallic fuchsia holo with some gold shimmer.
Two coats.

The shop will open on Sunday February 25th at 9pm EST.
A limited number of polishes (overpour) from a Space Travelers
will be available along with a Pre-Order for the Secret Agent collection
(re-releases and new polishes).
The Pre-Order portion of the shop will last approximately a week.

Thank you and have a Wonderful Day!!!!!