Wednesday, July 13, 2011

IMATS Los Angeles

Ok so better late the never =)

So IMATS was great! We arrived at 8am and the line was soooooo long. I believe we arrived last year at 830 and the line was 1/2 as short as it was this day. It was sold out as it wasnt last year so it was pretty crazy. We made it in by Id say 9:15-930am. And we ran straight to Inglot. It was a big disaster with no organized line so we just squeezed in and started picking lol... Took about an hour in total to pay and get our items. It was pure mayhem!!! But well worth it. Then we just browsed. It wasnt like last year where there was a real specific theme with people walking around (last year was Alice In Wonderland and many people roaming). But the theme was Tribal/Mythological Creatures although we didnt see any lol...Mufe & MAC actually had like no line as opposed to 2-3 hour lines last year. It was weird as more people seemed to be here this year as opposed to last year.

I met Amy from Sugarpill and she was there with Tess, they are both beyond Adorable and sooo much cuter in person. I didnt buy anything as I own everything they have but Amy did say there coming out with new eye colors very soon. Also saw Tiffany from MakeupByTiffanyD she was doing makeup at Sigma. Shes really tiny/thin and cute as well. Then we saw Elessa from Pursebuzz working at Crown. She was cute too. It was pretty cool seeing them in person =) We also met the inventor of "Makeup In A Bottle". All in all we finished in 2 1/2 hours and were pretty happy with our purchases. Cant wait for next year =)

When got to the sign you were super close (finally)

                                                  First stop the Inglot madness (soo worth it)
                                                      Meeting Amy Creator of Sugarpill

                                            4 Of the New Stila Liquid Glitter Liners (amazing)

                                                            Ben Nye Concealer Tower

                                       And the reason I went and $280 later.... (just in this haul)

                                      *5 Makeup Remover Wipes (25 Each)
                                      *40 Eyeshadow Palette (brights)(reason I attended, loooove)
                                      *5 Gel Eye Liners
                                      *A Foundation
                                      *A Translucent Powder
                                      *A 10 Pan Lipstick Palette
                                      *A Mirror Palette

                                          A bunch of Royal & Langnickel Brushes. First time I
                                       purchased any but there AMAZING, ridiculous prices
                              and the bestest quality ever!!! Will def be purchasing some more!!
                               Also some Eye Candy Liquid Sealer & some Makeup In a Bottle


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