Saturday, July 30, 2011

Inglot Gel Liners & A Lippie

Helol Everyone!!
Hope yall are having a great weekend so far!!

Today I bring you all some pictures of my Inglot Gel Liners I own.
Sadly I dont have swatches as most are still new but I will get some up eventually =)
They last all day so I have to swatch them on a day I dont mind having them around for awhile.
The first one I purchased was the black 77 and I love it. Its just creamy and lightweight and just so dark and intense. These are easily my favorite gel liners and trust me I own many. You will soon see as I plan to take pictures of my collection soon!

Hope you enjoy the pictures anyways. At the bottom is the Inlogt lippie I own and a swatch as well :) Ill be going to the Fashion Island store soon and am excited to look at the new rainbow colors.

Talk to yall soon!!

Available at : Inglot Stores &
Gel Liners Retail: $12 Each
Lipsticks retail: $12 Each


  1. Yours are very nice! I have about six Inglot gel eyeliners and swatches on my blog under the Inglot label.

  2. Thank You =) I decided to do them outside for indoors the colors are always off =)

  3. Hi dear! Your blog is amazing! The inglot's colors are amazing!
    I am a new follower!

    I would be very honored to have you in my followers!

    Un abbraccio e ...grazie! Ciao!