Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Hard Candy @ Walmart Blushes

My First Review and Swatches are on Walmarts "Hard Candy" Blushes and 1 Bronzer.
These are available at most walmarts and at walmart.com

Basically these are all very nice blushes and are very pigmented . I will try to post some looks with them in the near future.
Blushes Retail : $7.00
Bronzer Retails : $9.00


  1. I bought the purple/lavender shadow for $6. I have to get Hard Candy at my sister's Walmart as mine is too small a store for it.
    Cool Blog GF!

  2. Great swatches, I really want Living Doll and Pin Up. Right now Walmart.com is having a buy one get on 50% off.

  3. Thank You So Much :)
    You have to snatch those up!! Thats a Great Deal!!! Living Doll is my Favorite :)

  4. Honeymoon and Living Doll are my faves. For low end walmart makeup, *some* of it isn't bad.

  5. I agree completley!! I loooove Living Doll its the perfect pink, pretty close to my fav MAC's Tippy Blush :)