Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Hard Candy Eyeshadows Part 1

Ok so here are the first part of the Hard Candy Kaleyedescope Eyeshadows which are available at Walmart.
These are all mineralized type shadows just like the blushes. They are very pigmented and very beautiful colors.

Swatches will follow soon.
Retail : $6.00


  1. I really like these eye shadows--they are good wet or dry. I have the light blue and gold one and the purple and grayish purple one--I need to wear them again.

  2. Im glad you like them :) There a steal for the price and so pretty :)

  3. im interested in the backstage pass.... ive been to alot of walmarts and everyone i go to doesnt have the blue one and the blue one is my favourite email me if you can maybe get me the buy one and ill buy it :) my name is vanessa xox