Saturday, August 15, 2015

SV by Sparkly Vernis Swatches

So I'm going to start off this blog with some polishes from
my friend at SV by Sparkly Vernis shes such a sweet gal
and I love her bunches. She released her first collection this
January and shes made nothing short of gorgeous colors.
Below I'm gonna share 5 random polishes I have from her brand =)
Ok so first off is this gorgeous berry holographic named Hallowitch.
Its just dreamy, this is a me shade to the fullest, two coats with no top coat.

This next shade is a fun shimmery, microglitter holographic.
Its named Hello Cutie.
This is two coats two with no top coat.

This next lovely blue holographic is part of a duo for its named Laguna Twilight.
Two coats no top coat.

This next creamy pink is called Girly Mani and that's
pretty much what it is, the perfect color for the
girly girl.
Two coats no top coat.

Last but not least is the second half of the duo
this shade is called Sunset Sangria.
Its a gorgeous marsala holographic.
Two coats no top coat.

There was just a restock of some new frankies yesterday.
Please go buy some of these luscious shades.
US shipping is always free too!!
All pictures taking outside in afternoon sun!!
Have a wonderful weekend!!
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