Thursday, January 12, 2012

Maybelline Tattoo Color Haul

So Today I Bring A Great Haul Of A New Item Everyones Been Raving About!!

I Heard About Them from 2 Youtubers Yesterday And Instantly Went Hunting Today!! Found 4 At Ulta And 4 At Cvs.

These Lil Jars Are Amazingness!! They Are So Yummy And Creamy Haha (But dont Eat Them) Only Complaint Would Be They Smell A Lil Funny. Kind Of Painty If That Makes Sense But Not Strong Enough To Disscourage There Use.
Id Comapre Them Highly To Paint Pots & Aqua Cream Pots!

Try Them You Will Love Them!!

Available At: Ulta Stores & Ulta.Com
As Well As Most Drug Stores
Retails: $7.99 Each

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