Thursday, August 25, 2011

Sephora Jumbo Waterproof Jumbo Liners

Hi Guys!

So a few weeks ago I went to Sephora to do some browsing. I was really interested in the MUFE Aqua Colors but at $22 a pop I just couldnt do it, as I wanted about 6. I kept browsing and decided to check out the Sephora brand as they have some great things most of the time.

I came across these jumbo pencils and was instantly interested. They looked very similar to the Urban Decay Jumbo Eye Pencils as well as the NYX ones. I swatched them and was able to pick up 5 that were pretty identical to the Aqua Colors i wanted so home with me they came.

I was beyond amazed at the staying power. These things do not and I mean "DO NOT" budge, I had to make a video to show you all how solid they are. They are also waterproof !! They were on my arm until I washed them off with cleanser.

I will def be repurchasing these and highly recommend them!!

Have any of yall tried them??

 Heres a picture of them compared to the NYX and UD ones. They all contain the same amount of product.

Retails: $10 Each
Available at & Sephora stores

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